What is the Darkweb?

The Darkweb is a commonly used name to describe the hidden part of the internet.  In contrast to the Clear Web, which is what we commonly think of as the internet, websites on the Darkweb are not indexed by search engines and many of them are banned from access through a standard web browser.  Because these websites are not regulated by any governing body, many of these sites contain illegal content and services.  The Darkweb is commonly accessed through Tor (The Onion Router) which allows for anonymous browsing and access to blocked websites.

Why should access to the Darkweb be limited on my computer?

The Darkweb contains illegal and harmful material and should only be used by responsible individuals.  Browsing the Darkweb without proper guidance is dangerous and can result in negative consequences.  See the Darkweb Explained tab for more details.

Can I use Darkweb Defend for my small business?

Darkweb Defend can be used for any PC, including those used by small businesses.  Our software can help prevent employees from browsing illegal websites which can be traced to your business address by law enforcement, as well as notify you if anyone tries to open the Darkweb while at work.

How does Darkweb Defend work prevent access to the Darkweb?

Darkweb Defend locks down access to the the Tor browser.  Additionally, you will be notified via email anytime an attempt to open Tor has been made.

Can Darkweb Defend be bypassed?

Darkweb Defend is designed to be difficult to shut down without a password.  If Darkweb Defend does close without a password, you will be notified that an improper shutdown occurred.

Will Darkweb Defend limit access to any other programs on my computer?

No other programs besides Tor will be impacted by Darkweb Defend.

What if I forget my password?

You can reset your password with the email account you used to purchase the software.

 Can I reset my password with my email address?

Yes, you can with the email address you used to purchase the product.

Can I still use Tor after installing Darkweb Defend?

Yes, simply click the Unlock button on Darkweb Defend to use Tor.

What qualifies as an improper shutdown for Darkweb Defend?

An improper shutdown occurs anytime Darkweb Defend is force closed while it is in Locked status. Darkweb Defend is designed to restart immediately following any improper shutdown and sends a notification to your email inbox from AdminDD@darkwebdefend.com letting you know improper shutdown has been attempted.  There are never any active links in notification messages.

Does Darkweb Defend think Tor is evil?

Tor can be a valuable tool for privacy and anonymity, both of which are important.  We understand that responsible, informed citizens may choose to explore the Darkweb.  While there are nefarious websites on the Darkweb, many of which can be fascinating and informative, Darkweb Defend was created to give parents, small business owners, and others the ability to control when the dark side of the internet can be explored, and by whom.


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