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The Darkweb is a loophole that bypasses many of the protections we put in place within society meant to separate the dark criminal world from the online experiences of your children.

To help you become informed of the dangers that exist, we have created this page to briefly explain some of the greatest threats to your child that lurk on the Darkweb.

Repeated viewing of sinister material will destroy your child’s mind

While the material on the Darkweb is too difficult to watch for most, repeated exposure to the Darkweb environment will plant the seeds of temptation and send your child down an unholy path.

Children viewing the Darkweb may start watching murder or abuse as a form of entertainment.  The Darkweb contains websites called ‘Red Rooms’ operated by criminal organizations and terrorist groups that murder someone on live video feed, for anyone willing to pay.

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Anyone connected to the Darkweb can have illegal narcotics shipped to you as easily as it would be to purchase a book on Amazon.  Hundreds of websites exist on the Darkweb allowing visitors of any age to shop for and purchase hard drugs online at the click of a button.

Your child could have drugs shipped to your house – and YOU could be blamed and go to jail!

By letting your youngster get on the Darkweb you could be letting their curiosity of drugs lead to purchasing, using, and becoming addicted – ruining both their life and yours.

The danger of the Darkweb drug trade goes beyond addiction.  Whenever someone purchases drugs on the Darkweb it is typically shipped to the chosen address in a package or envelope with no return address.  If a package of heroin arrives on your doorstep – or is even addressed to you – you will be held liable!

Even if you had nothing to do with it, an investigation may still find you culpable causing you to lose everything.

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Child Pornography

As reported in Wired Magazine, a large percentage of all Darkweb visits relate to child pornography.

The Darkweb is a cesspool of depravity and a playground for unadulterated evil.  It is the singular most used source for for pedophiles to view porographic material of children.  In the twisted world of the Darkweb, many images and videos involve violence and the physical and sexual abuse of children, butchering innocence for profit.

The Darkweb is full of evil that you don’t want to know exists, and that you need to shield your kids from at all cost

If your teenager views child pornography on your computer, YOU are responsible!

Anytime a new story breaks that child pornography was found on someone’s computer their reputation is ruined forever.  If you let your juvenile access the Darkweb, you are putting yourself and your reputation at risk.

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Recently, the world has been rocked by insurrectionist violence. Through the use of the hidden internet, groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda, Sovereign Citizens, and Los Zetas conduct complex operations, communicate with members, and recruit new members.

I never imagined my child would do such a horrible thing.”

No  parent would ever suspect that their kiddo would become a mass shooter, a member of ISIS,  or a terrorist, but neither did the parents of children who did.  Terrorist ideology targets impressionable minds of the youth who want to become a part of something bigger, while promoting secrecy and cerebral planning until the moment they strike.

Don’t take the chance with your child!  Cut it off at the source.

Refuse to allow your children to hear the teachings of terrorists and gain a foothold in their mind.  Access to the Darkweb means allowing the most dangerous teachers of hate and death to penetrate your child’s mind.  Talk to your child.  Help them to develop a worldview of peace and justice, and be certain that they cannot be infiltrated by the horrible temptation of the Darkweb.

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Illegal Firearms For Purchase

On the Darkweb, individuals can seek out and purchase illegal firearms, potentially putting lives at risk.  Weapons are usually purchased with cryptocurrency from criminal organizations worldwide.  The image above is an actual screenshot taken from the Darkweb.  On the Darkweb individuals can browse websites that are set up similarly to Craigslist or Amazon and exchange cryptocurrency for guns, ammunition, and bombs as well as set up an address for delivery.  It is shocking how easy it is for a terrorist or disgruntled youth to purchase connect with dealers online.  If a purchase is made on your computer, it could be tracked directly to you by law enforcement putting your freedom and well being in jeopardy.

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Psychological Damage

Much of the content on the Darkweb is deeply disturbing.  The concealed Internet contains all of the videos and material that are considered too abominable to exist on television or even the regular Internet.  Videos and images of death, murder, and dismemberment are rampant.

The Darkweb also is home to several disturbing video games, such as one called Sad Satan, that uses disturbing images and audio which many feel is designed to use subliminal messages to twist the mind of the player.

What’s more – the Darkweb is full of ominous videos made by demented individuals, designed to shock, warp and plague the mind of the viewers.  Since no censorship of any kind exists, the videos move beyond any semblance of your imagination. The intent of this material is to reach into the heart and soul of the viewer and corrupt it with sadness, evil, dread, and hopelessness.

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