Darkweb Defend is committed to ensuring the safety of your loved ones.  Our software protects the innocence of your children and the safety and security of your family.  This is why we created Darkweb Defend, the first ever program that gives you control over access to the Darkweb.

How Does Darkweb Defend Work?

Darkweb Defend is a security tool designed to limit and monitor access to the Darkweb on your PC.  The primary access point of the Darkweb is Tor (The Onion Router) which is a browser based application similar to Chrome or Firefox with the ability to access websites that are banned from the clear web – many of which contain illegal and harmful material.

Darkweb Defend works by allowing you to lock or unlock Tor with the click of a button.

Locking Tor prevents the user from being able to open and use the Tor browser.  This means that if Tor is installed on your computer, or is installed after clicking the lock button, it will be inaccessible as long as Tor is locked.

It a user attempts to access the Darkweb while it is locked, an email will be sent to an inbox of your choosing to alert you.  This way, if your child or employee tries to open the Dark Web without your permission you will know.

Darkweb Defend also allows you to unlock Tor for personal use at anytime, and is a lightweight program that runs automatically in the background.

Disclaimer: Darkweb Defend does not claim to block all possible means of access to the Dark Web.  This product is a tool allowing the computer owner to control access to the Tor Browser on an individual computer.


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