Darkweb Defend is the first ever security and internet monitoring software that blocks access to the Darkweb on your computer and provides real-time alerts whenever someone attempts to bypass it.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your children are not being exposed to the harmful material on the Darkweb.


The Veil Has Been Broken

Protecting your children is your responsibility, and the dangers posed by the Darkweb are greater than you ever imagined. Today, the most abhorrent aspects of criminal culture have a direct link to your children.  Areas of the underworld that were once confined, hidden corners of society are now networking and organizing on the Darkweb, preying on the innocent and curious minds that enter their den.

Still widely unfamiliar, the Darkweb contains covert websites harboring illegal content as easily accessed as Facebook.  This is done by installing a browser onto your computer similar to FireFox or Chrome that gives the user the ability to visit illegal websites.

The Darkweb has created a safe haven for the sick-minded and the most dangerous members of the social order.  When your children access the Darkweb, they are being exposed to:

  • Cyber-Predators
  • Illegal and obscene forms of pornography
  • Order-By-Mail Drugs
  • Hijacked Credit Card Sales
  • Terrorist Recruiting
  • Fake IDs
  • Cheap Stolen Goods
  • Videos Endorsing Sadism
  • Counterfeit Currency Vending
  • Illegal Firearms For Purchase

With Darkweb Defend, you finally have a way to fight back.  Our software gives parents a way to protect their children and themselves, all with the press of a button.  Darkweb Defend blocks all access to the Darkweb.  Additionally, it includes a built in email notification feature that will alert you the moment anyone tries to open the Darkweb or disable the software, giving you the control of your child’s life, instead of the predators.



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